VES Projects

VES has been able to offer a wide array of services that meet the challenges of a diverse customer base, engaging in projects that range from the fundamentals of designing electrical harnesses for a vehicle's wiring system to the installation and testing of advanced driver & vehicle safety systems


VES completed the design of the electrical system for the Shelby Series 1 sports car.  The car was featured on the front cover of the October 1998 issue of Motor Trend magazine.  The Shelby Series 1 sports car became available to the public at GM Oldsmobile Dealers in early 1999. 


The Head-Up Display or HUD system allowed the vehicle’s driver to receive pertinent data and warnings, traditionally provided by the instrument cluster on the dashboard, without jeopardizing eye contact to the road ahead. The HUD projected vehicle data and video from a rear-mounted camera onto a transparent screen located on the center windshield. This screen displayed critical vehicle information, such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, engine temperature, oil pressure, electronic stroke alert , ABS malfunction.



The Vehicle Electrical Center (VEC) is a widely used transportation industry power distribution module. The VEC uses patented programmable 3D matrix technologies that can be easily modified to accommodate changes to an electrical system. The VEC can be customized for each specific electrical system, but require no tooling for implementation. The VEC accepts automotive components including fuses, relays, circuit breakers, diodes, and other devices and is ideal for distributed main power as well as auxiliary “add-on” applications. Current VEC applications include Class 3-8 trucks, buses, chassis and RV, Con-Ag equipment, marine specialty vehicles, and automotive power distribution.