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The VES-PAC™ is a patented sealed splice pack system, manufactured by Unlimited Services located in Oconto, Wisconsin.  VES-PAC™ is used for a variety of applications: when used in combination, the sealed terminals and cap offer a completely weathertight assembly. Designed for use in typical automotive applications - including behind the dash and under the hood, and also including, but not limited to, most marine, truck, off road vehicles, etc.  A complete assembly requires cable seals and terminals, connector body, cap and any common bars.

The VES-PAC™ extended caps are a derivative of the widespread Splice Pack Cap. Minifuses and the buss bar system are also compatible with these caps. Additionally, the VES-PAC™ caps accommodate diodes and blade mount circuit breakers, and are designed to have special grooves for the attachment of cable ties, providing additional locking security.


Assembly and Part Number Information:

For more information on the VES-PAC™ sealed splice pack system, or to get a custom quote, please visit US Unlimited Services at or call (920)843-4418.  Inquiries may also be sent to


The sealed splice pack system may also be purchased directly from Waytek Wire at, listed in their catalog under Terminals and Connectors


(Note:  Due to the discontinuation by Aptiv/Delphi of the 280 series Metri-Pack male terminal which is integral to the VES-PAC system, replacement parts have been made available.  Please contact VES only to enquire about order information regarding these functionally equivalent terminals.  Otherwise contact the entities listed above).


The VES electronics enclosure system is made up of three main components: an enclosure box, faceplate, and gasket.  These three elements, combined, provide protection for valuable electronics against environmental factors in accordance with the SAE J1455 standard.  The housing and faceplate are constructed out of a 33% glass fiber reinforced plastic, giving it excellent strength, stiffness, and high temperature performance. A highly UV and chemically resistant Santoprene gasket is used for sealing the enclosure.  The large opening in the 240 and 260 faceplates accommodate 24 pin Delphi/Packard 12092320 or equivalent connectors. An additional opening for a 2 pin Delphi/Packard 12110078 or equivalent terminals is included in the model 260 faceplate. These products are proudly designed and made in the USA.  


Material Information:

- Box and Cover Assembly - 8233G HS

- Screw used on Cover - 8x1/2 # 6 HD 410 Stainless

- Gasket used on Cover - 121-50 Santoprene


The following Environmental, Reliability and Stress tests were successfully conducted: Chemical Exposure (Ammonia/Petroleum based cleaners/General Automotive); Drop Test; Salt Spray; Thermal Shock; Humidity


For distribution information, visit Power & Signal Group @