Welcome to Vehicle Enhancement Systems, Inc. (VES)

Vehicle Enhancement Systems, Inc. is a small privately held research, development and consulting firm specializing in electrical and electronic products, primarily for the heavy-duty trucking industry.


VES's focus is the research and development of innovations in tractor/trailer electronics, with an emphasis on communication of data within and between tractors, trailers, or other towed vehicles, as well as, vehicles and remote locations.  Much of our R&D is keeping pace with the new innovations in wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC).  This commitment has yielded significant innovative solutions for which VES has been granted patents in the United States and other countries.

Our Services

VES historically offered a full array of engineering services dedicated to research, design, and development of commercial systems and components, such as electrical, electronics, pneumatic, hydraulic, instrumentation, and visibility systems, primarily for the products in the transportation and heavy-duty vehicle industry. Our customer base is extensive and includes major OEM fleets, suppliers, government and industry agencies.




Services include:


  • Research, development, and testing for new and existing products/designs
  • Improvements/enhancements/upgrades for existing products/designs
  • Consulting


VES is proud to have the opportunity to work with major fleets, suppliers, OEM's and government agencies on projects ranging from re-engineering to conceptual design of cutting edge technology.

About Us

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